Released 10.1.2016

Model: M.L.

  • Light blue denim and olive green diagonal lines sewn
  • Olive green triangle pocket sewn with light blue denim top
  • Light blue denim and olive green sleeve ends sewn

Why "W$ Boi" by SiR?

Formerly titled "Habit"

My girlfriend suggested the song "Habit" by Tove Lo. This was the title of the shirt until right before the launch of this website. As I looked at the photos with the music there was a different feel that needed to be found. Meanwhile I had been playing SiR's EP "Her Too". I had never listened to SiR until my girlfriend showed him to me and TDE was tweeting about early February, 2017. I played this EP out in one night pretty much. It just made sense to name this shirt "Westside" after SiR's "W$ Boi".