Winter 2015

I was gifted a sewing machine from my grandmother and began tailoring my own clothes for custom fit. Soon I started making my own clothes using old clothes that I didn't wear anymore. A friend gave me a trunk of different fabrics to go through and my creativity was "re-born". 

I designed one-of-a-kind pieces sewn from recycled clothes and a variety of  fabric prints. Hand picking the clothes and fabrics fostered uniqueness in my craft.

Wearing these pieces around people kept asking me, "Hey, where'd you get that?...How can I get one?" I had no intention on selling anything I created until that point. A defining moment.

Summer 2016

Starting a clothing line with no money seemed impossible. So I formed a plan: design a one-of-a-kind piece, never to be duplicated and sell one every two weeks. This plan allows for the owner of a BiYu piece to own the only one ever created. BiYu launched September 1, 2016.

Timeline of BiYu, Part I

Sept.1.2016 one male piece

Sept.15.2016 one male piece

Oct.1.2016 two pieces-one male one female

Oct.15.2016 two pieces-one male one female

Nov 1.1.2016 two pieces-one male one female

Nov.12.2016 one male piece

Nov.19.2016 one female piece

Nov.26.2016 one male piece

Dec.3.2016 one female piece

Dec.10.2016 one male piece

Dec.17.2016 one female piece

Dec.24.2016 one male piece

Dec.31.2016 one female piece

BiYu, Part II coming Fall 2017

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To be you, you need to believe in you. Believe in you and your utopia can be reached.