Rush  Released 9.1.2016     
















              Model: P.C.  



           Dark navy denim "kangaroo" pouch  sewn with white button  Floral print lines base  Floral print lines sleeve ends            Why "Rush" by Kali Uchis?  I was brainstorming ideas on what to name each piece for BiYu, Part I. My girlfriend suggested song titles. As I thought about it I asked her for the title of the song playing in the background. "Rush" she said. I was like "...this is it..."     
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      Water  Released 9.15.2016     










              Model: L.A.  












              Custom NikesDesigned By Jonah Spaay  



           Floral print pillars sewn  Maroon and tan sleeve ends sewn            Why "Water Me" by Theophilus London (ft. Leon Ware)?   Formerly titled "Pier"   After the "Water" release I revisited Theophilus London's album, Vibes. Track 2 "Water Me" was like nothing i've heard before. So smooth. I had to rename the piece.      
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      Westside  Released 10.1.2016     










              Model: M.L.  



           Light blue denim and olive green diagonal lines sewn  Olive green triangle pocket sewn with light blue denim top  Light blue denim and olive green sleeve ends sewn            Why "W$ Boi" by SiR?   Formerly titled "Habit"   My girlfriend suggested the song "Habit" by Tove Lo. This was the title of the shirt until right before the launch of this website. As I looked at the photos with the music there was a different feel that needed to be found. Meanwhile I had been playing SiR's EP "Her Too". I had never listened to SiR until my girlfriend showed him to me and TDE was tweeting about early February, 2017. I played this EP out in one night pretty much. It just made sense to name this shirt "Westside" after SiR's "W$ Boi".     
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      Dance  Released 10.1.2016     










              Model: S.L.  



           6 random fabric prints sewn together  Cut and sewn diamond combined fabrics  Lined sleeve ends with combined fabrics  Light blue denim patch with "BiYu" vibrant yellow paint            Why "Diamonds Dancing" by Drake & Future?  Diamond designed shirt needed this one.      
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      Proof  Released 10.15.2016     




              Model: J.T.  






              Model: A.D.  



           4 squares sewn in soft floral prints  Light blue denim lining            Why "Proof" by Chris Brown?  I slept on Chris Borwn's Royalty album and my girl told me to wake up. I played this album out on a rediscovered mission right at the same time I was creating this piece. "Proof" is a dope song and a dope name for a shirt.     
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      On The Way  Released 10.15.2016     
















              Model: E.S.  



           White triangle  sewn with navy blue and red striped  Red upside down triangle sewn  Light blue denim sewn fabric line bodysuit's sides  Navy blue half-circle with "BiYu" in white paint            Why "On The Way" by Twenty88?  The first time my girl came over to my house I asked her "Where you at?" and she hit me with "PlayTwenty88's  'On The Way'". She put me on straight game right then. Straight game.     
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On The Way

      Facts  Released 11.1.2016     
















              Model: E.G.  



           Flag patches sewn for 7 nations  Uganda πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬  Sudan πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡©  Congo πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¬  Sierra Leonne πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡±  Somalia πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΄  Ethiopia πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή  Libya πŸ‡±πŸ‡Ύ    White painted Africa  Black leather patch with hand embroidered "BiYu" in white thread            Why "Facts" by Kanye West?  This piece highlights the fact that these are the some of the most war-torn nations in the world. And given media bias we aren't exposed to their situations in depth. Kanye West often sheds light on facts whenever there's a chance. For better or for worse. This shirt was made to spark conversation.     
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      Bound 2  Released 11.1.2016     
















              Model: C.S.  



           USA patch sewn on right chest  Hand embroidered USA border in blue  Paint splattered edges  Red leather patch with hand embroidered "BiYu" in black thread            Why "Bound 2" by Kanye West?  We set boundaries for ourselves to keep us from getting out our dreams. The blown-out painted look on this body suit acknowledges that we don't need to  bound to  any one thing. Break out of the borders you've created.     
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Bound 2

      Mobius  Released 11.12.2016     










              Model: J.H.  



           Hand embroidered black and white threaded lettered read "Divided We"  Painted leaves in white and black by Lazar Williams  White and black fabric sewn on sleeve ends  Black leather patch with hand embroidered "BiYu" in white thread            Why "Mobius" by A Tribe Called Quest?  A mΓΆbius is a surface with only one side and one boundary. I used this word to symbolize that there has always been "one right way to live", systematically in America. What I'm acknowledging is no secret there's a generational issue that nurtures the divide between black and white. Divided we fall. as the shirt reads. Also the new Tribe album is straight fire. A reunion of hip-hop legends that doesn't disappoint.     
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      Junie  Released 11.19.2017     










              Model: R.P.  



           "Mosaic" hexagon centerpiece pieced by geometric shapes  Random geometric shapes sewn on sleeve forearms            Why "Junie" by Solange?  Listen to "A Seat at the Table" and you'll understand why I had to use a song from the track list for a shirt name. This album was on repeat for a solid month. So smooth. If you haven't listened to this album, you should. "A Seat at the Table" is in contention for album of the year (2016).     
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      Noize  Released 11.26.2016     
















              Model: P.C.  



           3 squares on each side in former Bucks colors  Blocked look paying homage to former Bucks uniforms  Centered envelope-style pocket with black button  Bucks logo patch sewn            Why "Noize" by J-Lamo?  This piece is an ode to Milwaukee. So, I had to keep it all Milwaukee. J-Lamo released the debut EP "Writer's Block" in Fall of 2016 and dude snapped. There's 6 tracks and not a single song is wasted. J-Lamo reps Milwaukee and Wisconsin seamlessly... Milwaukee get bucks      
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      Gabby  Released 12.3.2016     










              Model: A.B.  



           3 velvet triangles sew  Cut & sewn fabrics for mountain tops            Why "Gabby" by The Internet?  I made this piece on a Friday night from 8 pm to 3:30 am. Meanwhile I had The Internet's "Ego Death" on repeat. "Gabby" bangs and is super dope. In honor of Syd and The Internet I had to honor this piece with a song title.     
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      True Colors  Released 12.10.2016     






















              Model: E.E.  



           The 4 Chicago stars in Chicago Blackhawks colors  Hand embroidered Chicago skyline in red  4 red leather patches with hand embroidered B-i-Y-u in black  The 8 area codes of Chicago painted in vibrant yellow            Why "True Colors" by The Weeknd?  The Weeknd dropped his 3rd studio album "Starboy" two weeks prior to the release of this piece. My girl and I debated the best song on the album. I truly believe "True Colors" is one of the best off the album. And the title resonates perfectly with the concept of this shirt; seeing that the four Chicago stars are colors of the Blackhawks.     
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True Colors

      On & On  Released December 17, 2017     
















              Model: C.H.  



           Hemmed crop top  Bleach dipped sleeves  Distressing throughout whole piece  South Korea national flag patch sewn  Black leather patch sewn with hand embroidered "BiYu" in royal blue            Why "On & On" by Erykah Badu?  C.H. (model) and I took these photos the morning of the release at like 7 am. As I was setting up the Instagram post I was at a loss for a song title. "On & On" by Erykah Badu was on the radio the night before and randomly was next on my iTunes shuffle list. It was a sign. I texted my girl and she said it was perfect. BiYu, Part I was missing some neo-soul.     
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On & On

      Cold  Released December 24, .2016     










              Model: M.J.  



           Wisconsin state flag patch sewn  Navy blue with white polka dot fabric sewn sides  Navy Blue hand embroidered state outline of Wisconsin            Why "Cold" by Post Malone?  Post Malone's debut album dropped early December and I was all about it. His unique style in just doing whatever he felt really resonated with me and the brand. Just do you, at all time. I chose "Cold" because it was real cold that day of the photoshoot. And its Wisconsin.     
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      XO  Released December 31, 2016     










              Model: R.P.  



           Cut crewneck with no hem allowing natural fray  3 centered diamonds sewn in black, denim and red  Denim diamond not hemmed to allow fraying  White threaded diamond outlines line the bottom  Denim patch not hemmed on sleeve  Distressed shoulders  Black leather patch with hand embroidered "BiYu"            Why"XO/The Host" by The Weeknd?  The Weeknd's trilogy album set was so cold. I think it was his best work and I don't think we'll never hear anything like it again. Similar to BiYu products, it was a one-of-a-kind piece. His sound is so unique I had to use something off the trilogy.     
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